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Using a condom

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This lesson provides a sequence of illustrations demonstrating how to use condoms and how to dispose of them following use. Illustrations highlighting safe storage and use are also included.


Generalisation ideas

  • Models: Practice on plastic penis models; check fine motor coordination; try out a range of condoms
  • Sequencing:  chain actions for putting on condom and for disposing of appropriately
  • Consequences: why use a condom?  what happens if a condom breaks?  why do you need to use a new condom? why do you need lubricant? what happens if you use the wrong lubricant? What happens if your condom falls off? What if you have a latex allergy?
  • Flipside: what happens if a condom breaks? what happens if you leave used condoms lying around?  what creams are not lubricants?  what if your partner does not want to use a condom?

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