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Names of female private body parts

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This lesson supports curriculum codes:

  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP030)
  • ABLEWA Stage D (VCHPEP044)
  • Year 5 (ACPPS052)


This lesson aims to teach and assess receptive and expressive labelling of female body parts including reproductive body parts.  This knowledge supports understanding of the menstrual cycle.

Foundation Knowledge for this lesson includes differentiation of male and female bodies; awareness of age and body differences between babies, children, adolescents, and adults; and public and private body parts.

Generalisation ideas:

  • Sorting:  female and male reproductive body parts into two groups; sorting private and public body parts.
  • Puzzles: cutting up diagrams and recreating the internal reproductive system.
  • Worksheets:  provide a worksheet to label with correct anatomical names of bodyparts.
  • Explore functionality:  once names are learnt find out what each body part does as part of the reproductive system.

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