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Masturbation is a private behaviour

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This lesson supports curriculum codes:

  • ABLEWA Stage B (VCHPEP020)
  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP030; VCHPEP034)
  • Year 5 (ACPPS052)
  • Year 6 (ACPPS052)


This lesson reinforces the idea that masturbation is an acceptable and normal behaviour but is a private behaviour that is performed in a private space.  The aim of this lesson is to teach how to make a space private and how to check for privacy.  

Foundation knowledge includes understanding of what it means to be alone or not alone and to have an idea of public and private places particular to an individual (e.g. a shared bedroom may not be a private space so masturbation could be directed to occur in the bathroom).

Generalisation Ideas

  • Sorting: sorting public and private places; places that have been made public vs those that have not; public and private behaviours
  • Matching:  private behaviours to private spaces; public behaviours to public spaces
  • Doll House Models:  Give instruction to demonstrate how a room in the house would be made private
  • Sequencing: create a sequence of behaviours for appropriate masturbation preparation
  • Social Story creation about what to do when you feel like masturbating
  • Consequences: how do people feel when you masturbate in private?
  • Flipside:  How do people feel if you masturbate in a public space?
  • Getting help:  who can you talk to about masturbation?  who can’t you talk to about masturbation?

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