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How others react to emotional expression

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The aim of this lesson is develop an understanding of how others respond to our displays of emotions depending on the type of relationship we have with them. This topic introduces the idea that there are some emotions we only share with people we are close to and trust (e.g. sadness) and others that we share with a wider variety of people (e.g. happiness). Custom lessons targeting specific emotions or problematic interactions with others can help develop awareness of alternative strategies for managing relationship difficulties. 

In the Advanced Concepts version this lesson provides a foundation for learning about the Cycle of Violence.

how others react to threats yelling and swearing

Generalisation ideas

  • Social stories: these could include a specific problem, a negative reaction, then repair of relationship strategies.
  • Role play:  various scenarios to help understand how people in different roles and relationships will react differently to different emotions.
  • Reactions to emotions expressed online vs face-to-face
  • Consequences:  what happens when… questions e.g. what happens when you shout at your sister?
  • Flipside: how would you feel if…? e.g. how would you feel if a friend came up to you and they were crying?


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