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Understanding gender identity

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This lesson supports development and awareness of gender identity and choices individuals have around their gender identity.  

At an advanced level the aim is to explore the broader impacts society, cultural, family, and relationship factors have on an individual who wishes to explore their gender identity.  Normalising society shifts in understanding and acceptance of a continuum of gender identity may be useful for some clients.

understanding early transgender process

Generalisation ideas

  • Developing self-awareness:  use social stories or story-telling about the self to discuss gender identity.
  • Work through next steps for clients identifying as transgendered:  for example, provide support and information to live with gender identity different to assigned gender at birth; consider impact of this on the individual and the people around them; help to link in with other supports.  Seek supervision for further support and professional development if needed.  
  • Exploring gender roles in society
  • Exploring cultural factors that inform gender identity
  • Exploring issues and the history of gender equality in modern society
  • Understanding differences between gender identity and sexual identity.
  • Exploring how physical changes influence gender identity

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