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Differentiating between self and others

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This lesson supports curriculum codes:

  • ABLEWA Stage A (VCHPEP001)
  • ABLEWA Stage B (VCHPEP015; VCHPEP016)
  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP029; VCHPEP030; VCHPEP031)
  • ABLEWA Stage D (VCHPEP043; VCHPEP044)
  • Preprimary (ACPPS001)


This lesson is a foundation level exercise to ensure that students are aware of themselves versus others.

Use the customised photograph function to create a lesson for each individual that has their own images in it to support sorting pictures of ‘me’ vs ‘not me’.

Generalisation ideas

  • Photo albums:  create an album of familiar people and ask your student to find themselves.  You could also use group images with your student and ask them to find themselves.
  • Language development tasks:  use visuals to support understanding of personal pronouns such as I/me/mine vs you/them/your
  • Find your name tasks:  at the beginning of each session lay out a selection of name tags with photos of students and have your student find their own and place it on a special space.


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