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Changes to how you dress in puberty for girls

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This lesson supports curriculum codes: 

  • ABLEWA Stage B (VCHPEP018; VCHPEP020)
  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP030; VCHPEP032; VCHPEP034)
  • ABLEWA Stage D (VCHPEP044; VCHPEP046; VCHPEP048)
  • Year 5 (ACPPS052)


This lesson introduces the purpose of wearing a bra and provides visual cues for discussing any issues arising from wearing or not wearing a bra.

Foundation Knowledge for this lesson includes differentiation of male and female bodies; awareness of age and body differences between babies, children, adolescents, and adults; and public and private body parts.

Generalisation ideas

  • Sensory activities:  Show different types of bras with different fabrics, textures, and clips.  Allow time to try on various types to see what is most comfortable.
  • Desensitisation exercises:  Begin with wearing light, comfortable bra tops for a few minutes to a few hours a day prior to breast development to support introduction of daytime wear.
  • Catalogues:  Use lingerie catalogues to discuss options and preferences.
  • Shopping trips:  A close, trusted female could go bra shopping for herself with a student coming along to see the process to support normalising of shopping for and wearing bras.
  • Sequencing:  Add bras to dressing and undressing sequences.  
  • Consequences:  What would happen if you didn’t wear a bra?  How do others react to seeing breasts?  What is like to exercise without a bra?
  • Pros and cons:  sort the good things about bras from the not-so-good things.  Allow your student time and space to communicate any difficulties they are having.


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