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Breast checks

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This lesson supports understanding and awareness of:

  • how to perform a breast check on yourself
  • regular self-checking of breasts
  • the process of breast cancer screening
  • awareness of signs to prompt help-seeking behaviours

Generalisation ideas

  • Awareness of individual learning styles:  this information may need to be presented in a gradual manner
  • Modelling:  a trusted person can demonstrate how to perform a check; use a model breast or large round fruit or ball to teach and demonstrate understanding
  • Empowering with choices:  If any of the concerning symptoms arise what are your choices
  • Sorting:  healthy vs unhealthy breast
  • Matching:  breast problem illustrations with real images to ensure understanding
  • Calendar checking: putting a check on a visual calendar as a reminder to perform a breast check
  • Consequences:  what happens if you find a problem with your breast?; who can you talk to about breast health?
  • Flipside: what if you don’t do anything about a problem with your breasts?

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