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Awareness of the benefits of friendship

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This lesson supports curriculum codes:

  • ABLEWA Stage B (VCHPEP020)
  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP032; VCHPEP034)
  • ABLEWA Stage D (VCHPEP045; VCHPEP046)
  • Year 3 (ACPPS034)
  • Year 4 (ACPPS037)
  • Year 5 (ACPPS055)
  • Year 6 (ACPPS052; ACPPS055)
  • Year 7 (ACPPS074)
  • Year 9 (ACPPS094)


This lesson supports understanding of the benefits of friendship to promote motivation for social interaction with others. This lesson could be duplicated and custom photos can be added of friends or of activities your student/child/client might like to enjoy with others.

Foundation knowledge for this lesson includes differentiation between: self and others, male and female, baby vs child vs teen vs adult, family members vs others; awareness of basic emotions.

Generalisation Ideas

  • Playdates:  organise structured activities initially with one other friendly child, afterwards talk through positives and negatives of doing things with others.
  • Consequences: How does it feel when you have friends?  How does it feel when you work out problems.
  • Flipside:  Identify feelings that may occur for people if they find it hard to make friends; allow space to discuss some difficulties that friendships bring.

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