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Awareness of sexually transmitted infections

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This lesson aims to provide safer sex education with awareness of STI’s, ways of preventing them, and when and how to organise a sexual health check. It also has further information about procedures involved in sexual health checks.

Foundation knowledge includes awareness of public and private talk, body parts, and behaviours.


Generalisation ideas

  • Condom use demonstrations on artificial models
  • Turn condoms into dams
  • Invite a sexual health professional to talk to a small group
  • Consequences:  discuss what could happen if an infection goes untreated; discuss what could happen if someone doesn’t know they have an infection
  • Flipside:  how would you feel if someone asked you to have sex without a condom?  when could someone have sex without a condom?
  • Watch educational clips about young people and STIs
  • Identify who your student could safely talk to about STIs.
  • Vignettes:  Consider scenarios involving STIs and generate ideas of choices and related consequences.  E.g. Jackie meets a guy she really likes at a party and they go Jackie’s house intending to have sex, when he undresses Jackie notices that his penis appears red and spotty.  What do you think Jackie should do or say?  What could happen if Jackie has unprotected sex?

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