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Awareness of redressing after masturbation

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This lesson supports curriculum codes: 

  • ABLEWA Stage B (VCHPEP020)
  • ABLEWA Stage C (VCHPEP032; VCHPEP034)
  • ABLEWA Stage D (VCHPEP046; VCHPEP048)


This lesson supports the completion of the end part of a sequence of acceptable behaviours once masturbation is finished.

Foundation Knowledge includes awareness of public and private behaviours and spaces. Parents and carers may also need to be aware of any motor difficulties that may make this part of the masturbatory sequence difficult for their student/client/child and explore ways to provide additional appropriate support.

Generalisation ideas

  • Sorting:  Sort images of people dressed properly vs people who have forgotten a step.
  • Spot the problem: use cartoon images of people with a button out of place, zip down, shirt not tucked in, etc. to point to the problem area.
  • Dressing for the day:  encourage checking in a mirror to make sure clothing is in place before leaving the room/house.
  • Sequences:  create a visual sequence for redressing, this could be used a prompt to support recall of each step.
  • Consequences:  Why does it matter to get dressed again after masturbating?
  • Flipsides:  What happens if you don’t dress properly after masturbating?  What happens if your clothes are marked?  How do other people feel if you are not properly dressed?  How do other people treat you if you are not dressed properly?
  • Teachable moments:  look out for times when you are able to go to a mirror and readjust clothing.  Support individuals to be able to manage this skill independently.

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