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Teaching Modes

Learning experiences can be tailored to accomodate different learning styles and levels.

Types of teaching modes:




Picture sentences


Social stories

The ‘No Box’



Scroll down to see one lesson theme presented in a variety of ways to aid understanding and generalisation of knowledge.

These lessons focus on developing awareness of emotions. After checking Foundation knowledge of Emotions we could begin with a sorting task.

Feelings about going to a disco

Matching emotions with situations indicates an awareness of different feelings in different situations

times when feelings occur

Receptive labelling allows checking of discrimination between different emotions

labelling feelings

Picture sentences give visual and nonverbal learners an opportunity to express their knowledge

Sequencing provides visual cues to support chaining of behaviours

sequence when feeling anxious

Social stories support understanding of acceptable social behaviours

The No Box can be used to sort appropriate and inappropriate social responses

Separating appropriate and inappropriate responses

Consequences introduce understanding of cause and effect in social situations

Flipsides are used to present the other side of a situation

Flipsides sample

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